BlueCloud Office

Interior furnitures for 10 workspace.
Client : Elegangz film
Area : 110m²
Location : 75010, Paris, France
Date : April 2008.
Images courtesy Benjamin Boccas

The Project :
The bi color, blue and gray choice come from the graphic chart, it was the start of reflection. This young film advertising firm wanted to give a dynamic dimension to the 120m² space. The idea was to insert in the rectangular volumes a break, a symbol of creativity for the company. Angular shapes give energy to the glossy blue/gray finishing.
_ A 7meters table was build in 3 parts in order to be separate if needed. The angular shape afford more complex relationships between users than the traditional rectangular table.
_ Thanks to a shelf integrated in the wall all the film goodies can be displayed to clients.
_ The conference table is lightened with a 9 meters long lamp shade : the “cloud”. It’s made of with and blue neon tubes covered with a crumpled tissue paper structure. It offers a smooth and uniform light on the meeting table.

The Cloud :
The dilemma was to light the 7 meter long meeting table with an extremely low budget. All standard systems, from light industry are very expensive and are too impersonal for the office, I need a design able to give a real identity to the space.
The paper lamp shade was a kind of sculpture, the idea was to break with the angular shape furnitures. To create an organic ceiling : a 10 meter long light cloud.

The cloud is a crumpled tissue paper structure covering a neon random display, the paper diffuse light. Creased paper provide a complex texture where layers superposition generate a very complex and organic light filter. Some of the neons are blue in order to offer different lightings on the table.
The installation was long but very simple, a huge amount of crumpled tissue paper was set on the floor, a small clip system fastened the whole shape in a one piece structure. This smooth paper 3D surface was lifted beneath the neons thanks to a wire network, adjustment were done in order to shape the perfect form.