Cumulus Office

Office design
Client : Groupe Interface
December 2011

Images courtesy Benjamin Boccas

The desks are shaped so as to adapt to the space in which they are. The small meeting table,neither round nor square, enables the seats to converge towards the centre. A round table is integrated in the manager’s desk for more intimate meetings. The kitchen space is organised around a big table which is an hybrid between the long bar table and the small café table. The bookcases were computer designed, each piece was then assembled on the spot without any tools. With the digital conception forms can be created which play on the different depth and highlights the room’s volume thus breaking the straight walls lines. The offices’ identity is conveyed through the lightings. Hung to the ceiling, their white luminous curves are floating in the air, providing a comfortable lighting. Light is diffused by the material from below giving out a circle of light above each light. The material hides the source of light according to the angle from which it is looked at, a ghostly vision is created by the fact that the bulbs can’t be seen.