Volume Serie

Bookcase design
Situation : Les gros mots, Paris
Mai 2011

Images courtesy Benjamin Boccas

The concept of « Volume » furniture comes from the will to break the boring geometry of right angles in shelves design. We wanted to create complex shapes which break the right angles, thus enlivening the angular spaces of our rectangular boxes. So we imagined bookcases with explosions, deformations, bulges, excrescences, extrusions, distortions, angular curves…

All these disruptions open so many possibilities to fit to the existing spaces that skirting boards, recesses, doors,angles, give no troubles any longer. Shapes are conceived according to needs. « Volume » pieces of furniture offer variations in depth and height adapting to objects, drawers, work space, cupboards… The constraints are transformed into a game of design with the volumes.

We developed a computer design system able to generate countless shapes, which are then made by a digital cutting machine. This process gives us the freedom to create optimized unique pieces, which are then very quickly and simply put together on the spot.

The « Volume » series can be developed in many different materials (Plexiglas, raw or lacquered wood, Corian, medium…) The colours,curves,angles, shapes can be modeled according to the needs of each project.