The Grid

Interior architecture + Furniture design
Paris, France
106 m²
Photographies courtesy Benjamin Boccas

The idea is to create an utterly open project while keeping a high density of storage. The volume of the living room is structured around blocks of white and bamboo pieces of furniture. An aery metal structure, specially designed for the project, spreads from these blocks, thus creating more storage without overpowering the space. Wood and metal panels can be found within this three-dimensional structure serving as shelves as well as vertical partitioning so the system can be adapted according to your needs, depending on what objects are to be stored or what views are to be opened or closed. The system is entirely laser cut which removes all the grid angles for a unique and modular design.

In the apartment’s circulation area we imagined a luminaire : a big disk of light of 2 meters in diameter diffuses a comfy and mysterious light through the moon-shaped design. The concept is to reverse the apartment’s organisation, the usually dark central circulation area becomes a luminous and welcoming area called « the moon ».