Collabsible table
(Français) Free for edition
Paris, France
Photographies courtesy Benjamin Boccas & Paul Coudamy

Diptère is two layered tray table. The upper tray is made out of natural wood meanwhile the lower tray is covered with the same gloss paint as the one used for the legs.The graphical two-colored lines of the table are reinforced by the material treatment. Once opened, the colored surface reflects light and contrasts with the matt natural veins of the wood. The legs are made out of two V-shape jambs which provide a very thin design while guaranteeing a perfect stability. This design gives the table an impression of lightness and instability playing with the legs either inclined or straight.

An original unfolding system enables to double the table surface without the need of an external leaf. The two trays hinge on an offset axis to move above the legs. The surface of the table is multiplied by two by unfolding the upper part. Thanks to this opening and closing unfolding system, Diptère offers a transforming device which perfectly adapts everyday life.

The table is available in two sizes : a compact 80×80 version for 4 to 10 people, and a larger 125×90 version for 6 to 12 people. The lower tray color and the nature of the wood are to be chosen among a large variety of colors and tree species.
Diptère is entirely made out of high quality products : the coatings are made with natural wood species protected by high quality glaze, while the gloss paint is composed out of Italian paints.