Coudamy Architecture is an interdisciplinary and avant-garde design studio / workshop. It is the research process that lies at the heart of designs, all of which are developed to far exceed expectations. The combination of numerous areas of expertise with innovative materials provides fertile new ground for experimentation and the creation of bold, original designs. Limitless imagination offers one the freedom to use extraordinary materials and tools such as smoke or industrial robotics in the realisation of striking and poetic designs.

In order to keep pushing boundaries, Paul Coudamy oversees all projects from idea to execution, devising both the design and manufacturing process. Original projects come to fruition through a process of experimentation in the studio with a variety of materials and techniques. Numerous areas of expertise are brought together in this endeavour : design, art installation, architecture, material development, stage design. Together, these diverse interests provide new collaborative challenges for the development of imaginative and unprecedented creations. Materials and modes of productions are constantly challenged: wood is worked with the most complex cutting methods available, metal is transformed into the finest lines, paper becomes a cloud of light, and 3D printing comes to be an integral construction method. The studio uses the latest digital technology and an industrial robot arm to master every detail of the realisation of designs.