Clouds in Roma

Paper Sculptures
Maison Hermès
Place : Palais Farnese, Rome, Italiaa
October 2016
Direction Artistique Hermès: Grégoire Diehl
images Rebecca Topakian

To celebrate the opening of its new boutique in Rome, the French fashion house Hermès organised a dinner in the Farnese Palace, a jewel of the Italian Renaissance. Paul Coudamy joined forces with the brand to create a fantasy world in which the imposing architecture of the palace was plunged into a strange, surreal, felliniesque atmosphere.

Entering the 650m² courtyard of the Palace, guests passed between two enormous light-filled clouds made of paper from which a giant horse, the emblem of the company, emerged. From the moment they arrived, the décor thrust the guests into an ethereal and floating atmosphere of pink light with a video of clouds projected onto the facade.

The dinner tables designed for the corridors of the embassy were covered with real grass and aromatic plants. Above the guests, perched on branches, paper clouds emitted videos of the sky passing overhead throughout the evening.

The Hercules salon was transformed into a giant cloud tinted with the colours of the setting sun. The grass-covered dancefloor was surrounded by a huge mass of printed and crumpled paper that vibrated with light and colours in time to the music.

An event with brilliant and fascinating lights that spoke of the luxury that has always been characteristic of this French fashion house.” Vogue Italy