Interior architecture & Design
Paris, France
90 + 70m²
Pictures courtesy : R. Topakian and M. Leyvastre

DragonSkin is a work based around the separation of space. The notion of traditional walls is completely rethought in order to offer to the visitor a unique and affecting experience. The project is articulated around a unique concept of partitioning inspired by shells. These shell-like structures, composed of wood, metal, and translucent Corian, create different sized areas in a room, and with a controllable level of opacity, the materials are brought to life, interstices and superimpositions offering a unique play of light and shade.

Inspired by animal shells, each unique scale forms an undulation in three dimensions that offers alcoves, at once organic and mysterious. The latest technology in cutting and digital modeling has been used to liberate sensual and natural lines from the constraints of right-angle manufacturing.

The partitions are ribbed, facilitating easy storage and the units are split so as to appear merged with their surroundings. DragonSkin illustrates how the technical expertise of the workshop can be used for the fabrication of a striking and poetic project.