Cloud of Fashion

trade fair art installation
Premiere Vision
Paris, France
Pictures courtesy Maxime Leyvastre
Furnitures design : Valerie Olivier

This project brings the concept of “Cloud of Fashion” for Première Vision’s Autumn-Winter 18/19 season to life. The studio has imagined a cloud comprising 1450 giant balloons which create a continuous rippling expanse over the 1200m2 of the stand. Visitors enter beneath this giant ceiling which changes height to offer intimate spaces, or conversely opens up to give way to the giant screen.

Light diffuses with fluctuating intensity through the translucent plastic of the balloons while spotlight beams freely shine through the cloud.

This installation, both simple and poetic, subtly illustrates the “Cloud of Fashion” concept by bringing together its immaterial nature and by creating a tangible physical canopy over the visitors.