Flying Table

Interior of an original Perriand apartment in Les Arcs
Ski resort Les Arcs 1800
Décembre 2019
Pictures courtesy Benjamin Boccas

To save space in the micro apartment created by Charlotte Perriand in Les Arcs 1800 ski resort. The studio invent a radical intervention with the creation of a removable table. All the original layouts have been carefully preserved, the work is a new design furniture to provide more storage and versatility of the 19m² studio.

To optimise the surface in the double height, the table is fitted with a pulleys system to lift it up to the ceiling. The translucent table top diffuse the ceiling light and became the lighting. The pure and géometric design offer a sober aestetic and create a bold dialogue with the late Charlotte Periand original drawing.

The mezzanine space have be optimised with a closed double bed and a custom storage unit.