Eiffel magic circles

Art installation
Maison Hermès
Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris
October 2016
Dibond, motorisation, électronic

The idea is to create an interactive installation with the Eiffel tower and the building of the Grand Palais Éphémère just in front of the giant glass wall, for the equestrian international jumping  The Saut Hermès 2023. A composition of moving rotary circles, fixed on the glass, create an optical illusion in which the real tower is replaced by an orange version, the Hermès maison colors. The global vision of the monument is randomly distorted, some pieces are sometimes up side down, goes to a side or an other, until finally reconstitute the full eiffel tower view. This process of random composition / deconstruction in the ground floor with oversized circles. This time, hte tower is invaded by a colony of orange horses playing all over the monument. In the projet, the circles outside are composed of jumping horses, this refer to equestrian riding ring or mechanical gears.