Artificial Blossom

Sculpture and scenography
Premiere Vision
Juillet 2023
troncs d'arbre, aluminium, impression 3D, pmma miroir

The project is to give life to the concept of “techno / nature” of the 24-25 autumn-winter fashion season. The idea is to work with trees. Each element with his shape, bark and branches become a support for the fabrics of the exhibition. Three giants sculptures come to the surface. Tree trunk collected at a forester, are inclined toward the ceiling. From this wood mass bloom more or less complete spheres made of hundreds circular golden mirrors. This association between the solid wood and a evanescent shape offer a dialogue between natural material and the absolute circular geometric perfection. Like a mirror flower grown on the wood, this hybrid object suggest a fantastical association between a 150 years old tree and his artificial mathematical gall. This sculptures are the fruit of a complex technical development merging 3D scanning, 7D robotic drilling, 3D printing and digital fabrication strategies.